About Us


At Clear View Tech our primary philosophy is Client satisfaction from start to finish on all work undertaken. From our polite professional manner to our meticulous planning, we take care in assuring that each job is well thought out and tailored to the Client’s ¬†exact needs. With our vast knowledge in the field of integrated AV systems, we advise and direct the project as required to ensure that all elements of the system implemented within a property function as required and work seamlessly with one another. Integration, functionality and customer interaction are paramount in ensuring that the end product is user friendly and lives up to expectations.


The company was founded on firm ground, initially specialising in Aerial and Satellite work in both the commercial and residential market. Over the years we have made a natural and methodical progression into the Audio Visual market and honed our skills on all aspects of property integration. This puts us in a unique position whereby we can manage and implement the entire installation within a property from Aerial, Satellite and RF Distribution to all manor of Audio Visual Systems, encompassing additional services such as CCTV, Data Networks & WI-FI , Phone Systems, Door Entry, Control Systems and Automation. We are also actively involved in Foreign Satellite Systems, and are able to install a whole host of foreign systems that London’s international society increasingly requires.


Clear view Tech is well placed within the industry and has accounts with all major audio visual supply companies, allowing a great amount of flexibility on all work undertaken. From well thought out system designs, to the high end AV products installed, we ensure that the job is competitively priced and the quality of the system installed is unparalleled.